Color Blindness​

Color blindness is an eye disease that can affect a person’s ability of color recognition. Color Vision Deficiency is its other name. The main reason responsible for color vision are genes. X chromosome is the location of these genes.

Two type of color vision genes are-

  1. OPN1LW and OPN1MW genes– These are responsible for photo pigments in red and green cone cells.
  2. OPN1SW genes– These are responsible for the pigment in blue cone cells.

Prevention from Color Blindness

  • Genetic counseling: Individuals having a history of color blindness should have proper counseling before starting their own family. Future scenarios can be predicted easily.
  • Regular eye exams: Early detection of every disease is fruitful. So, regular eye checkups can help detect color blindness and also those individuals can be guided while adapting it.
  • Occupational considerations:  Occupations such as aviation and transportation require color-coded information for job performance. Hence people with color blindness should be attentive while considering career opportunities.
  • Color coded alternatives: Alternative methods to distinguish objects can be helpful. Relying on patterns and brightness may be helpful rather than colors.

Although treatment of Color Blindness is rare in most of the cases depending upon the factors. But if it’s curable in any after checkups, then, Netranjali is always there for you.