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Netranjali Foundation Trust

Netranjali Foundation Trust is a non-governmental organization tirelessly working to create a better life for the visually impaired. Since our inception, we have set up multiple health camps and workshops to provide aid, and professional prognosis and spread awareness about visual impairment and related ailments amongst the economically weaker sections of society. Netranjali Foundation Trust is certified by NGO Darpan with registration number 2011.

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Our Mission

At Netranjali we aspire to create a society where no one is deprived of the joy of experiencing the world with their own eyes. We are constantly working to make healthcare, preventative medication and basic knowledge about visual impairment and other ailments easily accessible to everyone, irrespective of their economic status. 

We strive to embody the sentiment of empathy and willingness to aid others in times of need in each individual. A society where everyone believes that the basic attribute of being human is to look after one another.

Our Vision

Netranjali Foundation Trust camp for eye checkup

Preventing Blindness

We lend a helping hand to those visually impaired who are deprived of financial wealth because poverty and blindness should not define a person’s fate.

We believe beyond darkness, there is a beautiful world waiting to be seen. We are always here to be the voice of those who bear the weight of poverty and the challenge of vision loss.

We want to aid and support all underserved communities which are beyond the reach of anyone. We stand against blindness because we know behind every loss of vision there is a dream to be fulfilled.

Free Medical Camp And Treatment For Poor People

Free checkup & Treatment

We aspire to provide free eye checkups and treatments to all the less privileged people in our society. Our offerings include not only medical care but also hope, healing and a better tomorrow.

In the vision of empathy, we want to build a world where everyone is accessible to eye care assistance because beauty of sight knows no border line.

We believe in making every eye’s dream crystal clear with the best eye care treatments without any cost. We want to cease the barriers of economic backgrounds and ensure that no one falls behind.

Eye Health Care NGO In Delhi


Health is a priceless treasure, still many lag the access. We have come forward to promote the awareness about the importance of eye health along with a team of healthcare professionals and dedicated social workers.

We desire to share the pain and sufferings of all the underserved communities and stand by their side through thick and thin.

By our camps, we want to unite the spirit of compassion, understanding and collective progress. We want to convey the wisdom of support and harmony that no one is alone in this world.

How do we help people in need

Eye problem Specialist


what our patients says

( The reviews given by the people in Hindi have been converted into English.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can typically donate to an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). NGOs often rely on donations to fund their projects, programs, and initiatives.

Yes, Netranjali Foundation Trust is a charitable foundation trust. Our mission is to help people in need. We provide facilities like eye check up, specs, and eye surgeries.

With early detection, blindness can be avoided in over 75% of cases. Netranjali Foundation Trust keeps on organizing frequent camps. Everyone is welcome there for free eye checkups.

Yes, kids can also develop eye diseases. Kids commonly get eye issues due to vitamin deficiency. Their usual habits can bring about refractive errors, lazy eye, pink eye etc. Also they may suffer eye diseases like premature retinopathy, cataract and squint.

Cataract is an eye disease which causes clouding of natural lenses in the eye. We are here to detect this disease in our frequent camps. All eye specialists are available there and they detect and cure cataracts.

Yes , if your eyes need to be operated through surgeries then we do provide them free of cost. Even after the surgery you can visit us in the camp for regular eye checkups after that.

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