Glaucoma is an eye disease that can damage the optic nerve which is important for good vision. If left untreated, then it can cause permanent loss of eyesight.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

  • Blurred vision
  • Headache
  • Eye pain
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Gradual loss of peripheral vision
  • Redness in eye

Factors responsible for Glaucoma

  • Age: As the age increases, risk of Glaucoma also increases. It is common for people above 60 years.
  • Family history: Glaucoma is common for those who have a family history of it.
  • Ethnicity: It is prevalent in certain groups like people of African, Hispanic and Asian descent.
  • Eye trauma: Injury in the eye can disrupt the normal flow of aqueous humor which leads to intraocular pressure and ultimately Glaucoma.
  • Thin Corneas: The thickness of cornea can affect the intraocular pressure readings. This can also be the reason for Glaucoma.
  • Medical Conditions: Medical conditions like Diabetes and Hypertension can damage the optic nerve. Hence, Glaucoma occurs.

Prevention from Glaucoma

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important.
  • Protect your eyes: Always wear protective eye wear like safety glasses or goggles specially while engaging in activities prone to eye injury. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • Limit smoking and alcohol consumption:  A study says that excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are also harmful for eyes along with the whole body.
  • Manage stress: Excess stress can also affect eye health. So, practicing yoga, meditation, and stress releasing activities are recommended.
  • Regular eye exams: For early detection and management of Glaucoma, regular eye exams are recommended.

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