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What are eyes to us?

Eyes are a priceless gift of god and clear vision is the doorway to hit the jackpot. Eyes are not just body fragments but also the memory capturer of our life. With the help of this beautiful gift we are able to view the beauty of this world.

Reading, observations, and interpretations of this world are done by it. With the help of eyes we can appreciate the beauty around us like landscapes, architectures and greenery and many more. Eyes are life preserver as it contributes to exposing the hazards and threats around us.  Our life is a bed of roses, with eyes we can see the big picture of it. They are the benchmark of our overall health.

Trending challenges to eyes

1. Urban Areas:-

Today the world is going on digitally like out with the old, in with the new. With the advancement in technology, the world is getting inter-connected day by day. As Artificial intelligence, biotechnology and block chain are expanding, therefore, gadgets and internet uses are on peak. 

The increasing demand of work in these fields are open to the long screen time working hours . The ceaseless use of smartphones  and other gadgets ultimately has started affecting our eyesight. Even students have started facing digital eye strain, dry eyes, fatigue, and difficulty in focusing due to the shift in online education. 

This trend of social media, YouTube, Instagram and other digital entertainments have started affecting our eyes drastically. Everyone has started facing various eye health issues and diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment, dry eye syndrome, color blindness and many more.

Free Medical Camp And Treatment For Needy People

2. Underserved Communities:-

  •  The diverse population in India belongs to a weakened and powerless section. Most of them are either from the agriculture sector or laborers working in urban areas in factories and industries.
  •  The condition of laborers working in these areas is extremely hypercritical.  Although there are various acts made by law which are in the favor of them but still they are not followed everywhere. Also they are unaware of their rights so they keep on facing problems. 
  • Working hours in factories are stretched then the restricted limit. Hence, they keep on working which affects their health. Despite prohibition, child labor is still a problem in India. With the increasing economy of India, workers face lots of issues like inconsistent income, low wages, and no job security and other challenges in earning their life. They burn the midnight oil but still there is no change in their conditions.
  •  Greatly said by Elbert Hubbard “A man is not paid for having hands and heads, but for using them.” In all these circumstances, the health of workers is adversely affected. 
  • Exposure to dust, particles and fumes irritate their eyes a lot. Without safety goggles or improper goggles, their eyes are vulnerable to injuries giving rise to flying debris, sparks and other potential hazards. Exposure to UV radiation while welding or metalworking harms their eyes.
  • Long focus on a given time without break can also cause eye strain. Lack of eye care facilities, they don’t get treatment on time and many of them lose their eyesight permanently. Due to this, their families fail to fulfill their living which ultimately increases the poverty level in our country. They even do not have eye checkup facilities which may help them to get their eyesight treated on time.

3. Aged Individuals:-

Not only the labor class but also old people who are living without their children in the society are facing various health and eyesight issues. Due to their increasing age they are facing eyesight problems like cataract but there is no one to treat them.  Initially they face blurred vision but slowly they lose their eyesight permanently.

Do you know? If most of these eye problems get detected on time then they can be treated and cured.  In this way an enormous number of people can be saved from losing their eyesight. But eye checkups demand money and everyone does not have that much amount.  Therefore, Netranjali Foundation Trust has come forward to reach and treat the eyesight of every needy person.

Initiations by Netranjali Foundation Trust

Netranjali Foundation Trust is a non- profitable government organization.  We promote eye health, put a stop on blindness and establish access to eye care facilities. We have come up with a goal to throw lights on lives with the lamp of vision because we believe the safety of our eyes is in our hands and we should not gamble with it.  We are deeply focused on charitable activities without chasing any financial gain. We take stand for those underserved communities and remote areas which do not have any access to eye care services. We are ready with the latest technologies of eye care treatments and strategies.

Join Us

We believe that collective effort can create a significant impact on society. With this goal in mind our team of experts are committed to deliver unwavering support and care to anyone in need. If you are also an advocate for disability rights, we are standing behind you. 

We encourage you to contact us without hesitation for any assistance or support you may need. You can also contribute to our initiative by taking part in our educational initiatives which include workshops, seminars, and outreach programs or donate to our relief fund for the visually impaired.