Corneal Eye

Corneal eye is an eye defect in which the cornea of the eye faces irritation or inflammation.

Symptoms of Corneal eye

  • Pain in the eye
  • Tearing
  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Reduced visual Acuity

Factors responsible for Corneal Eye

  • Infections: Sometimes cornea is affected by some bacteria, viral or fungal infection.
  • Contact lens misuse: Corneal infections are also caused by extended wear, improper cleaning or incorrect use of eye wear.
  • Allergies: Regular chronic allergies can also cause irritation that contributes to corneal issues.
  • Genetic factors: Sometimes genetic factors are also responsible for the development of abnormal changes in the corneal tissue.
  • Previous eye surgeries: Eye surgeries specifically those involving cornea may contribute to the development of corneal issues.
  • Trauma: Injuries to eyes like cuts, scratches may cause corneal abrasions.

Prevention from Corneal Eyes

  • Hygiene practices: Hygiene is most important for reducing eye infections. So, always wash your hands properly before touching eyes.
  • Protective sunglasses: Wear good quality sunglasses that can block UV rays from reaching your eyes. This will make a huge difference in the protection eyes.
  • Regular eye checkups:  Always visit an eye care professional for regular eye checkups. This helps in early detection.
  • Healthy lifestyle: Follow a healthy diet that includes regular exercises, balanced diet etc.
  • Follow post-surgery guidelines:  Never forget to follow guidelines prescribed by the doctor after an eye surgery to reduce complications.
  • Avoid rubbing eyes: Avoid rubbing your eyes. If needed, then wash your hands properly.

Corneal eye defect needs around RS.10, 000-Rs.30, 000 depending upon the condition.  Netranjali Foundation Trust is always there to support anyone suffering from this defect by raising funds for those in need.